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Phoenix Dawson Wallace

"I know it's only rock 'n roll but I like it!"

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Name:Phoenix Dawson Wallace
Birthdate:Jul 8
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Phoenix Dawson Wallace Phoenix Dawson Wallace was lucky enough to have been born a twin, and his brother, Philip, has been his best friend since birth. They were very much born into the celebrity lifestyle, with their father being a member of high flying rock group headed by Corbyn Bellerose, Ajay Bellerose's father. They were the epitome of rock stars in a time where sex, drugs and rock'n'roll was all the rage, so there was too strong a temptation their parents not to give them complimentary names, both starting with Ph. They were born the same year as Ajay, though the redhead was a good few months younger than the twins and because their fathers worked together and toured together, the boys were close friends growing up. And it was no secret that the twins hated Ajay's older sister, Candy, extensively and would constantly make her life hell because Ajay wasn't the sort to stand up for himself against her nasty spoiled brat ways.

Phoenix and Philip's parents encouraged both the boys to enjoy music and the arts, and it seemed they would both evolve to have yearnings to be performers themselves. Phoenix loved music, especially rock, and with the right connections through his father in the music industry, he was signed to an agent when he was 17 and would have recorded his first CD by 18. He never looked back, and he thrived on it. Music was in his blood and he knew it was what he was made to do. Philip, on the other hand, found his path more into musical theatre and had Broadway ambitions. They never had sibling rivalry between them and unlike a lot of twin sets, they're similar in nature save for where their ambitions took them. They're both gay, both love all sorts of music, both were a bit slutty and live and let live growing up, both would kill for each other.

One thing that only Philip in the whole world knew was that Phoenix harboured a crush on Ajay from about the age of 14/15 years old. It was an accidental occurrence and Phoenix never even realised he was doing it until Philip called him out on it. Ajay was such a shy, quiet sweetheart. Totally hot redhead but didn't know it, and Phoenix had always been attracted to his green eyes. When they were kids, he used to ask Ajay how he got his eyes green like that. Ajay would just shrug and say they were like his dad's. The crush evolved, but was absolutely unrequited. It wasn't long after Phoenix realised he had a crush that Ajay seemed to change. He didn't want to hang out anymore when their families were together, and the three-way phone calls the boys shared over their years growing up together stopped. Eventually, they lost touch with Ajay completely when their dad retired from the band after Ajay's father had a stroke.

Whenever their father asked Corbyn about how Ajay was doing, and the answers were much along the lines of, "Ajay's doing like Ajay does". They heard through the grapevine that Ajay had moved to New York at some point. At the time, Phoenix was living in LA recording his second album and planning a national tour. When he stopped in New York and went to the headquarters of the magazine he was told Ajay worked for, Ajay was out of the country with his boss.

Now Phoenix lives in New York in the apartment nextdoor to Philip and his husband, Emmanuel. Maybe it was cheesy, but he didn't care. He had lived with Philip on and off over the years, but didn't want to entirely be a third wheel once Philip got married. This was the next best thing, and Emmanuel knew right from the start that Philip and Phoenix came as a two-for-one deal, no questions asks. Phoenix isn't sure if he will ever settle himself, but he is so incredibly proud of his twin for finding love, and scoring that role in Broadway he had been working hard for, landing the role of Kenickie in Grease: The Musical alongside Romeo Dalton as Danny Zuko.

That doesn't mean Phoenix is cynical about love and doesn't think he wants it. He does. Very much. He sees his brother with his husband, and it looks awesome. He sees many of his friends making awesome relationships work despite the fame. He just hasn't met the right person yet, and when he does, it will have to be someone who either understands the crazy lifestyle of stardom or has lived it themselves.

Recently, things took an interesting turn for him in his career. He was on a break after a tour of Europe and Asia when he was contacted by Caden Drake, the producer of his brother's musical and offered him a deal to step in as the male supporting role in his other show, Footloose. The guy who had been in the role had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and had to take indefinite medical leave to undergo treatment. The understudy for the role resigned, losing confidence doing the show every night so Caden asked Phoenix if he was interested in the role as a guest star for the next few months (like many a musician did during their careers). Broadway or musical theatre hadn't been something he ever thought he would end up doing, it had always been Philip's domain, but it sounded fun. Especially knowing how cool Caden was with how Philip sung his praises from the rooftop. Phoenix had also heard exceptional things about the kid in the lead role as Ren, Justin Campbell, and it was what had him signing on the dotted like to take a small break from the rockstar world and onto a Broadway stage for an experience he would never forget. In the process, discovering that the guy who he was covering until he was back on his feet is the boyfriend of none other than one Ajay Bellerose.

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